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When learning to code for the first time, it can be overwhelming to see terms like functional or object-oriented be thrown around by more experienced programmers. In this series of articles, I wanted to give a brief overview of what these paradigms actually mean, and demonstrate some very small programs implementing some of these. These articles are not meant to be comprehensive in any fashion, although I do go over the most common paradigms and try to give you a sense of what they mean.

In this article, I go over what a programming paradigm is, and specifically dive into…

In today’s world, mathematical and scientific computation has grown to be increasingly important, especially in the context of the growth of the fields of data science, machine learning, deep learning and AI over the last few years. The language of choice for most of these fields is Python, which has grown massively over the last decade and has a vast library framework that makes implementation of these fields very easy.

However, one of the major drawbacks with Python is the fact that it is an interpreted language — i.e. code is executed by an interpreter without being converted into machine…

Abhirath Anand

Learning to code, bit by bit, byte by byte

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